Our cool honeymoon: Part 1

Our cool honeymoon: Part 1

I decided to write a post about our amazing honeymoon and all the beautiful places we visited. It is especially cozy to think about it now that it’s full of snow outside 🙂 Departure date was October 14 2014, 2 days after our wedding. We honeymooned in the Cannary Islands, on the main island Gran Cannaria. During our almost 3-week vacation, we stayed at 3 different hotels in different parts of the island. The first one was Hotel & Spa Rocca Negra in northwest of Gran Cannaria.

It was absolutely beautiful, the most breath-taking views a hotel can have. There is not much going on so it was a perfect location for our first week. We needed rest, peace, and privacy. We took advantage of the unspoiled nature around us and went for long hikes to the cliffs. We also enjoyed their relaxing spa, delicious food at the hotel restaurant, and cocktails at the pool bar. Perfect start of the honeymoon!


rocca negra mix

But the coolest part of this hotel are undoubtedly the natural pools found at the bottom of the fill on which Rocca Negra hotel lays. We had the chance to experience them calm and peaceful on some days and wild and wavy, like the ocean, on others. But we didn’t let that stop us: we just hopped into our wetsuits hehe 🙂 We loved it!!

natural pools

If anyone wants to know more, here is their official website: http://www.hotelrocanegragrancanaria.com/en/gran-canaria-hotels. They have great offers all year round.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!



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