Four Months Mark Dinner

As I promised, I will write a little bit about our dinner yesterday. We dined at Holiday Inn, and there is quite a story behind it!! We have been trying to have dinner there since December!

The dinner was a wedding gift from Derek’s kind colleagues. But our two months mark happened to be a midst the festive December, which we did not take into account when we dressed up and drove to the hotel, only to find out that it was all reserved…  In January we had bad luck again. We wanted to go on the weekend, because we couldn’t go on the exact date, but the restaurant doesn’t work on Sundays or Mondays! No need to say I was very disappointed… But after a month I was looking forward to it again, and was not let down!

The restaurant called is positioned so that it is overlooking the river and the old town. The food was delicious and the service excellent. We also had some nice wine with our food-I had white Moskatello as an appetizer and Sauvignon Blanc with grilled calamari. First dish was pumpkin soup and dessert lemon sorbet for me-Derek couldn’t resist chocolate cake with raspberries 😉 We had a wonderful night, and here is a little peak into it 😉


Wonderful night to everyone!


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