Cheap – Cheaper


In the last weeks I was looking for new black pumps to replace my favorite ones, which, unfortunately, became scratched on the heels (told you they were my faves, I wore them very often!). At first I wanted to buy one of the two showed on the left side (both Asos, both around 64€). But then, guess what, I found the ones on top right for 20€ at Deichmann and went to get them today!

If we’re talking high fashion, Asos is considered very affordable, but we will all agree that Deichmann is even cheaper 😉 In addition, I was able to put them on and felt completely comfortable! Very important 😉 I’m still a little reluctant to order shoes online, you never know if they fit right or not, and “ruckversand” is not free from Austria. And Asos shoes always end up being sold out so I decided not to risk not getting the right number! Maybe next time, Asos 😉

Good night everyone xxx


Share in your partner’s passions!


Do you know the feeling when you and your partner engage in an activity you are both passionate about? Be it playing music, working out, cooking, fashion, whatever it is that you enjoy doing together, the effect it has on you is equally good: you feel excited, happy, your heart is warm, you feel drawn to your partner, and ultimately: the bond of love you share is strengthened.

Now let’s imagine a different scenario. Your partner has a passion of his own-which he does, because you have not married your clone-and he would like you to share in it. It may be that this passion of his (I will be using the male form from now on because I’m a woman;-) ) has got nothing to do with your interests and likes. You may feel like yawning just thinking about engaging in it. You cannot possibly imagine that you could enjoy sharing this with him.

You now have two options: Number one is the easy one. You simply don’t make an effort and leave him doing his thing. Number two is more challenging: you could make that effort and join him! What would the results of both choices be?

The result of option Nr 1 is more profound than you might think at first. If your partner really has a passion, he is likely spending a considerable amount of his time on it. If you’re never joining him, this unfortunately means time away from you. We are all allowed, and should have, our own interests and passions, and that is why we need to allow our partners to spend time doing what they like. That is how they grow as persons and develop their personalities. Again, if he is always doing it alone, you are not growing together. You are not becoming more alike, more connected, you are not getting to know your partner’s unique characteristics better. A loving spouse though, will try to include his partner in his passions. If he is trying, you should be happy that he is so considerate, and not outright reject the invitation just because you find what he’s doing boring. Remember, by doing so, you are rejecting the possibility to spend time with him, to get to know him better, to grow together (as irrelevant as his hobby might seem to you).


The results of option Nr 2, on the other hand, are very rewarding. In fact, if you do make an effort, you have a chance of experiencing all the good things stated in the intro! Yes, you can feel excited about what you are doing, because you are stepping out of your comfort zone; you can feel proud of yourself for doing this, thus boosting your self-confidence; you can feel happy because you are doing something loving for your partner (these are not just words, giving really does make happy!). In turn, your partner will be very grateful and will be more inclined to do things you like next time. Because you are doing things together, trying to please each other, your love will grow. Perhaps you will even find your partner’s hobby to be pretty cool after all! If not, you can still find pleasure by focusing on the good results just mentioned.

I try to choose option Nr 2 regarding my husband’s big passion, remote-controlled flying objects, at least from time to time. It’s important to do things I like too, but from time to time sharing in Derek’s passions is important for me. And it can also be a lot of fun 😉

This is what we did today:



What do you think about sharing in your partner’s passions? Feel free to comment bellow!

Have a great weekend!

Tapas & Friends

Finally time to post again! Today I did something very fun: I went out with my girlfriends. We chose a famous city hotel (thanks Melita for great suggestion!) where they host special “Tapas & Friends” evenings on Wednesdays. We had an awesome evening 😉 The atmosphere was so nice, beautiful interior, stylish yet cozy. Fireplace kept us warm and the music lifted the spirits. We were welcomed by Campari cocktails, after which we went for little snacks and, of course, more drinks 😉








If you are in surroundings, I highly recommend!

Now I’m really tired, it’s bed time:-)

Three Trends I will not be Following

In our consumerism society, we are daily served new fad trends. We see it on the TV, we stumble upon it on every popular website there is, we see our colleague having it-and before we know it, we see ourselves wanting it too! Sometimes this even happens with things we used to strongly dislike. I am trying not to fall prey to such trends and let the desire to be “in” trample my personal style, or convictions. I don’t always make it, but I try 😉

Here are some novelties that I do not intend to go for:

1. Expensive candles

PicMonkey Collage

Oh, candles, I love them. So romantic and cozy. But lately these wax objects have seen a big makeover and the market is now full of candles possessing some special qualities. At least they should, considering their “designer” prices. Not anymore 4,5,or 7 €, like good old candles, but 40, 50, or 70€! How do they justify that? Oh, they smell fine! Right… But for such a price we would expect more, like burning much longer, right? Forget about it. Their life span is a few hours, just like with all other candles. Pass.

2. Socks & Heels

socksOh no, socks and heels are back!!! (Maybe by the time I will publish this the fad will already be out, which would make me very happy). And not just ANY socks. SPORTS socks. Seriously? I don’t want to offend anyone, but I just have a hard time seeing how following this trend could be anything else but desperately trying to be noticed and/or making yourself an inanimate puppet of so called fashion.  And I would like to say one more thing to all the ladies reading this: Think twice before wearing socks with heels. Next time your guy wears white socks with his summer sandals, you will have to keep quiet. I hope I made my point.

3. Vacationing in Dubai. 



Dubai is undoubtedly one of the hottest vacation spots in the world. So I observe. Only there you can find some of the most elaborately built, extravagant skyscrapers paired with kilometers long white sandy beaches, other interesting buildings (so I hear), many swimming pools and expensive hotels, an aquarium, and the world’s biggest shopping mall. Perhaps I would like to visit this city one day, and then be able to say: Been there, done that. What I don’t understand is returning here for vacations. I would much rather go shopping in Paris and Milan, where you can walk in the old city center and go for coffee in a nice cafe with lots of personality; experience sandy beaches of Maldives, Seychelles, Greece (and so on, there are so many places of extreme natural beauty in this world); observing sea mammals in their natural habitats, etc. I understand the appeal of finding all these things in one place, but to me it looks so… plastic. Artificial. I prefer natural. And Dubai is just not.

What do you think about the above trends? Are there any trends you find too silly to follow?