Cheap – Cheaper


In the last weeks I was looking for new black pumps to replace my favorite ones, which, unfortunately, became scratched on the heels (told you they were my faves, I wore them very often!). At first I wanted to buy one of the two showed on the left side (both Asos, both around 64€). But then, guess what, I found the ones on top right for 20€ at Deichmann and went to get them today!

If we’re talking high fashion, Asos is considered very affordable, but we will all agree that Deichmann is even cheaper 😉 In addition, I was able to put them on and felt completely comfortable! Very important 😉 I’m still a little reluctant to order shoes online, you never know if they fit right or not, and “ruckversand” is not free from Austria. And Asos shoes always end up being sold out so I decided not to risk not getting the right number! Maybe next time, Asos 😉

Good night everyone xxx


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