Woman Day by Woman Mag

Tomorrow is a very important day for all women in Austria -it’s a Woman day! No, not the holiday one in honor of all women. A shopping type 😉 It’s organized every year by Austrian Woman magazine. In fact, this year it’s the 1oth year since it started!

On this special day, women get to shop cheaper at selected stores. There are discount vouchers available at http://www.woman.at/womanday, together with the list of all the participating stores!

I made my own personal shopping (wish) list (which means I’m not actually buy all that, sigh) from some of my favorite stores. I’m still thinking which item to go for, but I will see tomorrow when I’m there and I can try it on 🙂

Blazers (from Vero Moda), Pants (from Vero Moda and Only), Boots (Gamloong and Funky Shoes at Humanic).

As you can see, many pastels and flower patterns! Spring is here, yoohoo 😀  Any suggestions from you guys? xxx









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