Recharge with a home spa

Today I suddenly became feverish. I might have gotten it from Derek, who has been sick all week, and I’m actually surprised I resisted so long, or I became over-heated from a stressful week. In any case, I knew my body was asking for some special attention so I decided to dedicate a part of the afternoon to creating an at home spa experience!

Spoiling yourselves at home is something every woman should do from time to time, not only when about to get sick (preferably as a preventive method). And no married woman should be too busy to spoil herself and have some “me-time”! 

I started off by making a self-made natural face and body scrub. I’m trying to go green with my cosmetics and skin-care, and you can’t really go greener than to make stuff yourself. I made an oatmeal & brown sugar scrub, great for unclogging pores and cleaning as well as preventing blackheads.

If you want to make one, you will need an equal amount of oatmeal and brown sugar, and some olive oil as a cohesive. You grind the oats in the grinder, and then mix all the ingredients, and voila! It’s best if you use it right away, before the sugar starts melting.


The mixture before I added olive oil… Image

And mixed together.

I prepared my skin for the scrub by using this wonderful heart-shaped solid organic cleanser, bought at a market in town today. Had to test it right away! Smells delicious too 🙂 Image


And then enjoyed my time in the bathroom 😉 Image

I enjoyed so much that I nearly missed a meeting I was supposed to attend trough a telephone conference! Oops.

Now it’s almost time for bed, time to recharge, and hopefully tomorrow the fever is gone!


2 thoughts on “Recharge with a home spa

  1. Zelo sem vesela, da znaš tako uživati, se sprostiti, to je zelo pomembno! Žal smo “starejše” poročene žene velikokrat že preveč utrujene, da bi se sploh na zdrav način sprostile, se regenerirale, si napolnile baterije… Saj veš kako pravijo “Kaj se Janezek nauči, to Janezek zna.” Oz. kaj se mladoporočene žene naučijo, to potem tudi znajo (beri prakticirajo), ko so starejše 🙂

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