Celebrating half year of married life with an awesome present!

Yesterday may have been the best monthaversary so far (don’t know what a monthaversary is? I wrote about it here). Although it didn’t look like it at first.

My fever hadn’t gone down yet, it’d been at that annoying just a little elevated level, when you’re not really sick but also not really healthy either. So I spent my day in the pajamas and accepted the fact that we are going to celebrate at home with Chinese food delivered to our door. And so we did and it was very cozy 🙂 but what happened next exceeded all my expectations.

Derek gave me a surprise present (blush) I already melted at the sight of the wrapped box with the card attached to it, then I melted more reading it, but when I unwrapped it, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! Remember my post “Cheap – Cheaper”, where I gushed about Asos pumps, but then decided to go for cheaper ones from Deichmann? Well, I didn’t tell you the aftermath of my “successful” purchase -after I had bought them and came home, I went to Asos website just out of curiosity, and there were my beloved shoes, now reduced to 35€!! I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. I was now bitter and disappointed, and decided to be happy with my purchase.

But the shoes kept haunting me (thanks to cookies) on every other site I opened and I complained about it oftentimes to Derek. And guess what?! By the time I made my unfortunate purchase at Deichmann, he had already ordered the Asos shoes for me and decided to give them to me as a present for our half year of marriage! I could not have been more surprised! Now I understand why he wasn’t to happy with my cheap shoes, I couldn’t get it then, I was like, “You should be happy I’m saving money!” 😀

I wonder at how he managed to keep them away from my sight. Especially since it was me who took over the Asos package when it came, can you believe that?! And I didn’t notice “ASOS” being written all over it?? 😀 I must have automatically thought it was just one package more for Derek, since he often orders stuff from internet for his hobby.

Ahhhhh, and here they are, beauties:


But it was not really about the shoes  it was the thought that warmed up my heart. That he paid attention to what I was saying, remembered it, and decided to surprise me in such a way…He even got the number right! I’m really grateful to have such a loving husband ❤ ❤ ❤

Wish you all a lovely Sunday!




11 thoughts on “Celebrating half year of married life with an awesome present!

  1. Vau, kakšna romantična zgodba! Res imaš zelo pozornega in ljubečega moža.
    Mimogrede, včeraj sem pozabila, a tudi danes (upam), da ni prepozno:
    Hapy 6-monthaversary !

  2. Congrats on your 6-monthaversary! Except I call it “monthsary” but they do mean the same thing. I’m newly married too and just had our 2-monthsary on the 22nd April. I think you have a cool blog btw! And how gorgeous are those shoes?!
    Love from a fellow married and cool wife 😉

  3. Hi! I’m so in love with those heels! I wanna buy them on Asos, but the problem is that i have really tiny ankles, and it doesn’t look like the strap is adjustable? 😦

    • Hi Janni! These heels are awesome I agree;-) it’s true the strap is not adjustable but I have tiny ankles too and it looks okay on me,almost tight. Good luck! 😉

      • Oh okay! Thank you for your answer! 🙂 I actually think that i’m going to give them a shot then! How do they fit? are they true to size and are they comfortable?

      • They are true to their size, I have size 38 (I don’t know what that is in US) and it was a perfect fit. However to be honest they are not the most comfortable :-/ if you have a normal sized to wide foot in the front it might be tight, they are really narrow in front…combined with very high heel=not very comfy:-) but if you have a more narrow feet it might be okay!


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