How men think Louis Vuitton is really just a name

The un-glamorous life of our Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch

The thing is, we have a Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag in our house (or should I say, he has), which is not really serving its purpose. At all. Let me tell you how that is so.

I still remember when me & Derek were not dating yet and I came to his place with friends for the first time. It didn’t take me long to notice the LV pouch sitting on his couch. It was a weird sight. Derek with a LV bag? He didn’t seem like the guy who would care about such a thing as brand names. As I found out later, he really didn’t and still doesn’t.

But the cosmetic pouch was original, not fake, as I confirmed by carefully inspecting its label. But the best (or the worst) part came when I opened the bag. Here is what I found inside:

LV markers

Markers?! Seriously?!

And his shameless (or shameful, as you take it) explanation: “Yes, this is my pencil case. I use it for studying.”

“Do you have any idea how much this thing costs?! It’s Louis Vuitton!”

“Louis what?”

And this reminds me of the scene from “Leap year” film, when Matthew Goode laughs at Amy Adams because she named her suitcase “Louis Vuitton” and he found it ridiculous that she was so concerned about its safety.  They ended up getting married. Well, now I’m married to a guy who puts markers in his 280€ toiletry pouch. 😀

It turns out that he didn’t actually buy the “pencil case” himself, he thinks he got it from an auntie, although he is not sure.

Since the big discovery, I tried to change LV’s un-glamorous fate twice: once I used it according to its purpose, as a toiletry pouch, and the second time I tried it out as my nail polishes pouch. It didn’t work out. I missed seeing Louis Vuitton on our couch, it makes for such a nice accessory. And, of course, where else would we put our markers? 

Louis Vuitton pouch sitting on our couch



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