He’s so fine or The start of our love story

Today I’m responding (for the first time) to Daily prompt from WordPress’ Daily Post, which is asking: What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?

And here is my answer.

I had already been drawn to Derek before I actually met him. No, I wasn’t his secret admirer, nor is he some sort of a celebrity. It was a warm December afternoon and I was going to a dinner party hosted by a friend of my friend, without the slightest of interest to meet someone. But my attitude changed when the host mentioned a male guest who was about to come next. My interest grew with every piece of information: an American, is bringing food, plays the guitar, loves U2, is fun. I was intrigued and curious to meet the person behind this description.

When he entered, the first thing I noticed was his height. He was taller than everyone else around him. And indeed he brought food, Italian food! He also had a different wine for the lasagna and the dessert, which I liked very much. A gourmand, like me!

A very positive first impression was already formed. But the following really got me. We all laid down on the floor and watched a video screened on the ceiling he made with his remote-controlled airplane. It was a video of the snowy mountains. It felt like flying and I was completely amazed. Of course, the soundtrack was U2, one of my favorite bands.You can see the video here:


So there it was. He was international, tall, fun, and intelligent. I was hooked, although it took me much longer to actually admit it to myself. But it was definitely enough to promptly reply to his email when it came, which opened the way to discovering all of his many other beautiful and interesting qualities. And I’m so happy I replied to that email, because it led me to marry the best man in the world.


11 thoughts on “He’s so fine or The start of our love story

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  3. Vse kar si napisala o Dereku je res in še veliko več od tega. In če se s tem strinja njegova tašča, potem bo že držalo 🙂
    Mimogrede, wellcome back !

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