Back from Germany

Home sweet home! It feels so nice to be back, although I loved every bit of our experience with drone project in Germany. Unfortunately I can’t say more here, since we were working for a non-profit organisation that will use the pictures and videos internally. I worked as Derek’s co-pilot & spotter (=the person who operates the 2nd remote control and flies without goggles, always keeping the drone in sight), which was my first official co-piloting! And it will not be the last one…

It was the busiest week in our marriage so far, and we came back completely exhausted! Our day started at 7 in the morning and finished at around 10 in the evening, since after work we were always out with team members and other nice people we met, making plans and sharing experiences. It was almost sad to leave, but we will be back soon! Yes, we are going back to Germany this summer, this time even further up north! Very exciting!!

Here is a pic of me during one of the team meetings, looking “professional” 😉



Have a nice evening everyone!


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