Renovation plans! (are sweeter in marriage!)

We have decided to renovate parts of our apartment this spring. It’s time to repaint the whole place again and we are buying some new pieces of furniture. Thanks to great renovation work Derek did before we even got together, this apartment doesn’t need much work anymore. The room that will undergo the biggest makeover is our living room , and I’m so excited!

I’ll share a sneak peak into our new furniture with you:Image

See the low sideboard on the left? And the high-board partially hidden behind the table? We’re getting them 😉 We already own a dining table from the type of wood that matches the sideboards. In case anyone is wondering where this furniture is from, it’s from Mondo, Toledo line. We also have a huge beige couch, which will get new covers. I spent a few hours this afternoon drawing and cutting out a realistic portrait of our living room in 1:10 dimensions. I’ll show it to you later 😉

And like I said, in marriage making such planes is so much nicer than just living together (which we never did, by the way), because you know both are here to stay and you can play your future together without insecurity!

Hugs from me!


One thought on “Renovation plans! (are sweeter in marriage!)

  1. Ko sva bila z atijem mlajša in nisva imela ničesar, sva se veselila vsake male stvari, ki sva jo dosegla skupaj in “zgradila” svoj dom in kasneje tudi tvoj in Juretov dom. To so mi bili, čeprav naporni, eni izmed najlepših obdobij najinega zakona. Res, svoj dom gradimo kot varno zavetje pred zunanjimi vplivi, brez strahov, da bomo v “skupnem domu” ostali sami….
    Uživajta v prijetnem delu, ko bosta potrebovala, pomoč prihaja 🙂
    Love you both, mami

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