Running shoes: 3 best

It’s time to buy new running shoes. My old Mizunos have worn out, and have actually always been a notch too small. The Asics waterproof ones I bought last year and were great for cold winter months, are now too hot, and despite claims of air flow, I don’t feel my foot breathing.

Last week I received some coupons for Giga sport, a big sports retailer in Austria, for a nice discount if I make a purchase worth at least 100€. With running shoes, you can be sure to spend more than a hundred, if you want quality!

So I did some research and found a very useful shoe guide, namely “Spring 2014 shoe guide”, on the website Runners world, you can check it out here. Three of the best running shoes out there are available at Giga sport, yoohoo! 😀

Here they are: 3 best running shoes-Married and cool

Adidas Supernova Glide 6 – 129,95€ / Asics Gel Kayano 20 – 175€ / Nike Lunar Glide – 129,95 €

Asics Kayano are a little bit too pricey for what I need, so I will choose between Adidas and Nike this time! Maybe this helps you next time you’re buying new running shoes 🙂


Just got back from running now by the way 😉 it was a loooong run! I think last time it was just a bad day, because I’m not that out of shape after all! Derek & me stayed out for 1,30h, with a 15 minute break in between for stretching. I didn’t realize how long it was until we came back home 🙂 We got caught by the rain on the way back, it was quite fun to run in the rain 🙂

I had my protein shake, now ready to shower and make some dinner. Salmon on the menu tonight! Have a great evening!



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