First Sight – Our wedding location

Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something you connected with from the very first second.

Daily Prompt


Derek and I had a short engagement -he proposed middle of July and we were married on October 12 2013. Therefore we had to make decisions fast. It wouldn’t work out well if we hadn’t known exactly what we wanted. But we did. One of the first things we needed to arrange was the location of the ceremony + party. I quickly started searching around for nice spots in my home country.

I discovered an old mansion, that belongs to a wine company Dveri Pax. I never even heard about that place before, let alone visited it. After seeing the pictures of the mansion’s surroundings and their wine cellar, where they also hold dinner parties, I sensed I was onto something good.

The next day, I drove there with two of my friends in the late summer afternoon. The sun was low on the horizon and was the land was bathing in the warm light. We were driving on curvy countryside roads when a beautiful sight opened bellow us: Dveri Pax surrounded by trees, ponds, and fields of grass. I was charmed there and then, and seeing the property close-up only reassured me of its beauty. A kind worker took us on a tour of the surroundings. I already saw myself taking wedding pictures there. We were also taken inside the mansion, into a big, wine-cellar-like hall, entirely made of stone. This is where we would have our celebration. And we did. SONY DSC

first sight-location of wedding

Next weekend when Derek came to visit me, I took him there to have a look himself, and we were unanimous that this was what we wanted. We knew it from the first second.  pond at wedding location



4 thoughts on “First Sight – Our wedding location

  1. Hvala, da sta izbrala takšno čudovito lokacijo. Tudi zame je bila nekaj novega in kasneje sta poroka zunaj in večerja z zabavo v čudoviti kleti naredili nepozaben vtis na vse goste. Sem prepričana, da bo vajin poročni dan vsem, še posebej pa vama, ostal za vedno v vajinem srcu tudi zaradi prelepe lokacije. Še jo bomo obiskali !

    • Hvala seko moja :-* hvala tudi za komentar! Kot vidiš, se email ne prikaže, to samo jaz vidim 😉 tak da ti lahko kar mirno komentiraš, bom vesela vsakega komentarja 😉

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