Travel idea: Glamping

I know this is already an old trend, but in my opinion it’s still hot! I’ve never been glamping but I would like to try once. Glamping doesn’t have much to do with camping because it’s too comfortable, except that the accommodation is placed directly in the nature.

I gathered some ideas on where to go glamping in Europe. Actually two locations I found are in Bled, Slovenia, and the other one is in Provence, France.

For your information: Glamping Bled is the cheapest option, the prices start at 51€ for two people per night. Prices at Garden Village Bled start with 80€ in pier tents in low season, and 160€ for tree houses and glamping tents (in low season as well). Bubble hotel in Provence starts with 108€ per night. Let yourself be inspired! 😉

glamping in wooden tents

Glamping Bled: Wooden Tent

glamping in France

Bubble Hotel in Provence

glamping tent

Garden Village Bled: Glamping Tent

glamping in Slovenia

Garden Village Bled: Pier Tent


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