Coffee break with something sweet

I was supposed to meet up with a friend at 15h but she canceled so I took some time for myself instead. Just today I discovered the “Healthy Dessert Blog” at and everything gave me such watery mouth that I needed to try something out right away! I went for 5-minute Chocolate Truffles, made up of just two ingredients!! They are raw, vegan, gluten-free, and low in sugar (you can also make them sugar-free but I didn’t have a 100% chocolate at hand so I made them with chocolate for baking instead).

5-minute chocolate truffles

You only need to cut chocolate in pieces, add three spoons of milk (I used coconut-rice milk), a tiny pinch of salt, and then melt! Afterwards freeze until hard enough to form scoops (I don’t actually have an ice-cream spoon so I just used a normal table spoon and my hands, hehe). Roll in cocoa if you want to, and voila!

I enjoyed my chocolate truffles with an espresso and a newspaper-I’m a little addicted to news reading. I guess that’s a “professional deformation” all news writers suffer from 😉 Besides, I’m so impatient to find out whether Luis Suarez is going to be punished for that Chiellini bite!! Or actually, how much he is going to be punished. What do they need to investigate anyway? We all saw what happened! And it’s not like it happened the first time! That was just crazy! Are we watching kindergarten soccer of what?!

What do you think of his infamous action?

P.S. Yes, I’m a huge soccer fan 🙂



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