Soccer gossip

It’s unbelievable -I spent every free minute yesterday checking the news updates regarding Luis Suarez attack on Chiellini, and there was no news. And then my beloved husband comes home from work and the first things he says is “Did you hear Suarez got a 4 month ban?” I was like, what?! And I go check the news right away, and there it is, all over! Unbelievable 🙂

So yeah, he got what he deserved, and I’m happy he did. Perhaps they could have given him even more, but seeing this is the biggest ban in World Cup history, I guess that’s maximum. I mean, helloooo, you don’t go play in the World Cup with millions of people watching you from all over the globe, and you receiving millions in your pocket, and you bite your opponents. BITE! You don’t do that anywhere, not at all. Come on, this is kindergarten stuff. Kids as young as 1 year old learn that biting is wrong. Well, this will be the end of the World Cup for him, but sadly, it is also the end of world cup for Italy (remember, Uruguay scored just minutes after the incident happened, and the Mexican referee failed to give him a red card -I’m sure if he had done so, Uruguay wouldn’t have won the match, because without Suarez they are lost).

Enough of Suarez, I found some pics of me from two years ago when we met up with some friends to play soccer in a park. Me and another girl had the privilege to be “captains” and select our team mates 😉 It was so much fun!

soccer gossip

playing soccer soccer gossip soccer fan


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