Healthy evening with smoothies and natural cosmetics

Yesterday evening I was invited to a friend’s place, she organized a “Healthy evening with smoothies and natural cosmetics”. The products were from Vital & Natur, they have a whole range of skin care products -creams and lotions for body and face, massage oils, anti-ageing products, and even sun care products. I didn’t know that jojoba oil has natural sun-blocking properties, which can be translated as 5-7 sun block factor!

At the moment I don’t need any creams, I’m fully stocked, but if the need arises in the future I would go for their eye-cream. My eye area is extremely sensitive and I had to stop using all the products (creams and make-up) in the eye area. However, their eye cream gave me no reaction. I also loved the all-purpose face & body cream “Balance & Energy” and their face creams from Monte line.

natural cosmetics

The smoothies were delicious! We all received recipes we can test at home. The emphasis was on green ingredients, especially leaf green vegetables. Yummy! We also tried Prosecco with lavender juice, it was delicious!



I was challenged in understanding and speaking German, because everyone there was German speaking. The presentation of cosmetics was in German too. It’s a pity I couldn’t grasp the meaning of everything that was said, because I’m very interested in the topic. At least it gave me a kick in the butt to start improving my German!


7 thoughts on “Healthy evening with smoothies and natural cosmetics

  1. Hihi I recognized you’ve been at Andi’s aunty place:D
    Sounds really interesting and yumm!
    Next time I could join as your personal translator, though the thought of improving your German shouldn’t be weakened !

    • I will start writing some recipes 😉 I haven’t written any so far because Derek & I don’t have a blender / smoothie maker, BUT we are just about to buy one, yaay 🙂 so I’m going to need some recipes too!

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