Sailing at Miramare castle -Vacation video!

What have we been up to in the past couple of weeks? We took a well deserved vacation in Italy!! Lots of laying on the beach, eating (too much) good food (especially gelato), drinking good wine ;-), swimming, and just relaxing.

And oh yeah, we also took a ride with a sailboat and took videos with a drone of racing catamarans (from the sailboat :-D) It was my very first sailboat ride and I loved it! The catamaran ride was cool too, very exciting when the wind pushes it up almost vertically to the sea (happened when I was up)!!! We did that in close proximity to Miramare castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the world (in my opinion).

But enough of me, have a look at this short video filmed with a quadcopter and that will tell you more than I possibly can! Enjoy 😉



One thought on “Sailing at Miramare castle -Vacation video!

  1. Ko sta rekla, da gresta v Grado, sem mislila, da bo to zelo umirjen dopust – poležavanje na plaži, kopanje, občasno ukvarjanje s športom in kaka večerjica… ampak ne, pri vaju vedno neka akcija! Samo da sta se imela fajn in da sta se spočila.

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