We have a dog!

20140831_113933 20140901_125849 IMG-20140908-WA0002

Boy it took me long to break the news here! This is hugely due to all the time and attention the little furry ball was getting in the past month. Yes, we got a puppy!!

He is a three-month old whippet (at least was when we got him, now it will soon be four months). We called him Rooney, because we needed to choose something that starts with R. We liked Rooney because it’s short and sweet, and because our puppy loves chasing the ball. I could actually write a whole post on why we decided for this name and not any other -we took into account several recommendations regarding dog naming.

I have wanted a dog for a really long time, pretty much since I was a child, but my life circumstances have never seemed more appropriate than they do know. Derek needed a while to warm up to the idea, but I waited until he was ready. Now, he loves Rooney just as much as I do. The little one stole our hearts right away.

P.S. The pictures above are from when we just got him (left and middle) and the right one after about a week.


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