We have a dog!

20140831_113933 20140901_125849 IMG-20140908-WA0002

Boy it took me long to break the news here! This is hugely due to all the time and attention the little furry ball was getting in the past month. Yes, we got a puppy!!

He is a three-month old whippet (at least was when we got him, now it will soon be four months). We called him Rooney, because we needed to choose something that starts with R. We liked Rooney because it’s short and sweet, and because our puppy loves chasing the ball. I could actually write a whole post on why we decided for this name and not any other -we took into account several recommendations regarding dog naming.

I have wanted a dog for a really long time, pretty much since I was a child, but my life circumstances have never seemed more appropriate than they do know. Derek needed a while to warm up to the idea, but I waited until he was ready. Now, he loves Rooney just as much as I do. The little one stole our hearts right away.

P.S. The pictures above are from when we just got him (left and middle) and the right one after about a week.


Sailing at Miramare castle -Vacation video!

What have we been up to in the past couple of weeks? We took a well deserved vacation in Italy!! Lots of laying on the beach, eating (too much) good food (especially gelato), drinking good wine ;-), swimming, and just relaxing.

And oh yeah, we also took a ride with a sailboat and took videos with a drone of racing catamarans (from the sailboat :-D) It was my very first sailboat ride and I loved it! The catamaran ride was cool too, very exciting when the wind pushes it up almost vertically to the sea (happened when I was up)!!! We did that in close proximity to Miramare castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the world (in my opinion).

But enough of me, have a look at this short video filmed with a quadcopter and that will tell you more than I possibly can! Enjoy 😉


Soccer gossip

It’s unbelievable -I spent every free minute yesterday checking the news updates regarding Luis Suarez attack on Chiellini, and there was no news. And then my beloved husband comes home from work and the first things he says is “Did you hear Suarez got a 4 month ban?” I was like, what?! And I go check the news right away, and there it is, all over! Unbelievable 🙂

So yeah, he got what he deserved, and I’m happy he did. Perhaps they could have given him even more, but seeing this is the biggest ban in World Cup history, I guess that’s maximum. I mean, helloooo, you don’t go play in the World Cup with millions of people watching you from all over the globe, and you receiving millions in your pocket, and you bite your opponents. BITE! You don’t do that anywhere, not at all. Come on, this is kindergarten stuff. Kids as young as 1 year old learn that biting is wrong. Well, this will be the end of the World Cup for him, but sadly, it is also the end of world cup for Italy (remember, Uruguay scored just minutes after the incident happened, and the Mexican referee failed to give him a red card -I’m sure if he had done so, Uruguay wouldn’t have won the match, because without Suarez they are lost).

Enough of Suarez, I found some pics of me from two years ago when we met up with some friends to play soccer in a park. Me and another girl had the privilege to be “captains” and select our team mates 😉 It was so much fun!

soccer gossip

playing soccer soccer gossip soccer fan

Coffee break with something sweet

I was supposed to meet up with a friend at 15h but she canceled so I took some time for myself instead. Just today I discovered the “Healthy Dessert Blog” at http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/ and everything gave me such watery mouth that I needed to try something out right away! I went for 5-minute Chocolate Truffles, made up of just two ingredients!! They are raw, vegan, gluten-free, and low in sugar (you can also make them sugar-free but I didn’t have a 100% chocolate at hand so I made them with chocolate for baking instead).

5-minute chocolate truffles

You only need to cut chocolate in pieces, add three spoons of milk (I used coconut-rice milk), a tiny pinch of salt, and then melt! Afterwards freeze until hard enough to form scoops (I don’t actually have an ice-cream spoon so I just used a normal table spoon and my hands, hehe). Roll in cocoa if you want to, and voila!

I enjoyed my chocolate truffles with an espresso and a newspaper-I’m a little addicted to news reading. I guess that’s a “professional deformation” all news writers suffer from 😉 Besides, I’m so impatient to find out whether Luis Suarez is going to be punished for that Chiellini bite!! Or actually, how much he is going to be punished. What do they need to investigate anyway? We all saw what happened! And it’s not like it happened the first time! That was just crazy! Are we watching kindergarten soccer of what?!

What do you think of his infamous action?

P.S. Yes, I’m a huge soccer fan 🙂


Back from Germany

Home sweet home! It feels so nice to be back, although I loved every bit of our experience with drone project in Germany. Unfortunately I can’t say more here, since we were working for a non-profit organisation that will use the pictures and videos internally. I worked as Derek’s co-pilot & spotter (=the person who operates the 2nd remote control and flies without goggles, always keeping the drone in sight), which was my first official co-piloting! And it will not be the last one…

It was the busiest week in our marriage so far, and we came back completely exhausted! Our day started at 7 in the morning and finished at around 10 in the evening, since after work we were always out with team members and other nice people we met, making plans and sharing experiences. It was almost sad to leave, but we will be back soon! Yes, we are going back to Germany this summer, this time even further up north! Very exciting!!

Here is a pic of me during one of the team meetings, looking “professional” 😉



Have a nice evening everyone!