How men think Louis Vuitton is really just a name

The un-glamorous life of our Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch

The thing is, we have a Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag in our house (or should I say, he has), which is not really serving its purpose. At all. Let me tell you how that is so.

I still remember when me & Derek were not dating yet and I came to his place with friends for the first time. It didn’t take me long to notice the LV pouch sitting on his couch. It was a weird sight. Derek with a LV bag? He didn’t seem like the guy who would care about such a thing as brand names. As I found out later, he really didn’t and still doesn’t.

But the cosmetic pouch was original, not fake, as I confirmed by carefully inspecting its label. But the best (or the worst) part came when I opened the bag. Here is what I found inside:

LV markers

Markers?! Seriously?!

And his shameless (or shameful, as you take it) explanation: “Yes, this is my pencil case. I use it for studying.”

“Do you have any idea how much this thing costs?! It’s Louis Vuitton!”

“Louis what?”

And this reminds me of the scene from “Leap year” film, when Matthew Goode laughs at Amy Adams because she named her suitcase “Louis Vuitton” and he found it ridiculous that she was so concerned about its safety.  They ended up getting married. Well, now I’m married to a guy who puts markers in his 280€ toiletry pouch. 😀

It turns out that he didn’t actually buy the “pencil case” himself, he thinks he got it from an auntie, although he is not sure.

Since the big discovery, I tried to change LV’s un-glamorous fate twice: once I used it according to its purpose, as a toiletry pouch, and the second time I tried it out as my nail polishes pouch. It didn’t work out. I missed seeing Louis Vuitton on our couch, it makes for such a nice accessory. And, of course, where else would we put our markers? 

Louis Vuitton pouch sitting on our couch



Celebrating half year of married life with an awesome present!

Yesterday may have been the best monthaversary so far (don’t know what a monthaversary is? I wrote about it here). Although it didn’t look like it at first.

My fever hadn’t gone down yet, it’d been at that annoying just a little elevated level, when you’re not really sick but also not really healthy either. So I spent my day in the pajamas and accepted the fact that we are going to celebrate at home with Chinese food delivered to our door. And so we did and it was very cozy 🙂 but what happened next exceeded all my expectations.

Derek gave me a surprise present (blush) I already melted at the sight of the wrapped box with the card attached to it, then I melted more reading it, but when I unwrapped it, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! Remember my post “Cheap – Cheaper”, where I gushed about Asos pumps, but then decided to go for cheaper ones from Deichmann? Well, I didn’t tell you the aftermath of my “successful” purchase -after I had bought them and came home, I went to Asos website just out of curiosity, and there were my beloved shoes, now reduced to 35€!! I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. I was now bitter and disappointed, and decided to be happy with my purchase.

But the shoes kept haunting me (thanks to cookies) on every other site I opened and I complained about it oftentimes to Derek. And guess what?! By the time I made my unfortunate purchase at Deichmann, he had already ordered the Asos shoes for me and decided to give them to me as a present for our half year of marriage! I could not have been more surprised! Now I understand why he wasn’t to happy with my cheap shoes, I couldn’t get it then, I was like, “You should be happy I’m saving money!” 😀

I wonder at how he managed to keep them away from my sight. Especially since it was me who took over the Asos package when it came, can you believe that?! And I didn’t notice “ASOS” being written all over it?? 😀 I must have automatically thought it was just one package more for Derek, since he often orders stuff from internet for his hobby.

Ahhhhh, and here they are, beauties:


But it was not really about the shoes  it was the thought that warmed up my heart. That he paid attention to what I was saying, remembered it, and decided to surprise me in such a way…He even got the number right! I’m really grateful to have such a loving husband ❤ ❤ ❤

Wish you all a lovely Sunday!



Share in your partner’s passions!


Do you know the feeling when you and your partner engage in an activity you are both passionate about? Be it playing music, working out, cooking, fashion, whatever it is that you enjoy doing together, the effect it has on you is equally good: you feel excited, happy, your heart is warm, you feel drawn to your partner, and ultimately: the bond of love you share is strengthened.

Now let’s imagine a different scenario. Your partner has a passion of his own-which he does, because you have not married your clone-and he would like you to share in it. It may be that this passion of his (I will be using the male form from now on because I’m a woman;-) ) has got nothing to do with your interests and likes. You may feel like yawning just thinking about engaging in it. You cannot possibly imagine that you could enjoy sharing this with him.

You now have two options: Number one is the easy one. You simply don’t make an effort and leave him doing his thing. Number two is more challenging: you could make that effort and join him! What would the results of both choices be?

The result of option Nr 1 is more profound than you might think at first. If your partner really has a passion, he is likely spending a considerable amount of his time on it. If you’re never joining him, this unfortunately means time away from you. We are all allowed, and should have, our own interests and passions, and that is why we need to allow our partners to spend time doing what they like. That is how they grow as persons and develop their personalities. Again, if he is always doing it alone, you are not growing together. You are not becoming more alike, more connected, you are not getting to know your partner’s unique characteristics better. A loving spouse though, will try to include his partner in his passions. If he is trying, you should be happy that he is so considerate, and not outright reject the invitation just because you find what he’s doing boring. Remember, by doing so, you are rejecting the possibility to spend time with him, to get to know him better, to grow together (as irrelevant as his hobby might seem to you).


The results of option Nr 2, on the other hand, are very rewarding. In fact, if you do make an effort, you have a chance of experiencing all the good things stated in the intro! Yes, you can feel excited about what you are doing, because you are stepping out of your comfort zone; you can feel proud of yourself for doing this, thus boosting your self-confidence; you can feel happy because you are doing something loving for your partner (these are not just words, giving really does make happy!). In turn, your partner will be very grateful and will be more inclined to do things you like next time. Because you are doing things together, trying to please each other, your love will grow. Perhaps you will even find your partner’s hobby to be pretty cool after all! If not, you can still find pleasure by focusing on the good results just mentioned.

I try to choose option Nr 2 regarding my husband’s big passion, remote-controlled flying objects, at least from time to time. It’s important to do things I like too, but from time to time sharing in Derek’s passions is important for me. And it can also be a lot of fun 😉

This is what we did today:



What do you think about sharing in your partner’s passions? Feel free to comment bellow!

Have a great weekend!

5 Tips for an Awesome Snow Party

A snow party is a great way to fight off the winter blues and wishful thoughts of warmer days and summer barbecues. You can still have fun even in the cold dark snowy nights, and even without snow. We were a part of such a part last weekend and it was awesome!!

Our friends didn’t let the nature play tricks with them. No, they set their minds on having a snow party and they did it. Snow or no snow. Well, not quite. They needed some snow after all. Because they were determined to build a snow bar like last year. Which is very cool, you have to admit. But it had been raining days before the party was scheduled. How did they make it?

Apparently, they purposely didn’t shovel the snow off their yard for the whole winter. So when the rain and warm temperatures melted the top coat, there was still enough snow in the deeper layers. The result was not only enough snow for the snow bar, but also snow sofas and couches. Cozy? Perhaps not, but definitely creative.

Here are some ways on how to throw a snow party everyone will remember:

1. Build an ice bar. This only comes into play if you are lucky enough to have actual snow. And if you do, be sure that your snow bar is going to attract most attention and will be the topic of excited conversations even when the party is over. We were totally impressed by what our friends did. The bar was a few meters long and it was multipurpose: to host drinks (of course), to serve people with food from the barbecue, and to hold candles romantically placed into the dug-out holes. Soooo cool.



(see the snow bar behind me?)

2. Barbecue. Who says barbecue is only for summer parties? It’s already hot enough in the summer, while in the winter, the heat from the grill can serve as a source of warmth. Not to even mention the delicious food factor. Yummy…..

3. Play music. Of course, music, the crucial ingredient of every party! It might be cold and dark outside, but it’s amazing how happy tunes can lift the spirits and get people moving. Here in Europe it’s common to play polkas,  in the winter you can hear them anywhere from ski after parties to world cup slalom scenes, so why not also at your snow party?

4. Serve mulled wine. Mulled wine is extremely popular around here in winter (after the autumn harvest season). It’s not that difficult to mull wine at home and your guests will be very happy to have a cup of this popular hot drink in their hands to warm up! Mulled wine is the number 1 drink of every snow party (according to me at least).



(mulled wine with some snacks)

5. Provide warming. Yes, it’s a winter party, but it won’t be fun if you are freezing. Stock up on blankets and have spare scarves, hats, and gloves at hand. Make some open fires (no danger that the fire would spread with snow all around!) to allow people to warm up, and kids to bake marshmallows. Barbecue. Lit candles. In addition to all that, our friends even had one of two electrical heaters. They also put waterproof covers on their snow couches so that we could sit down without getting wet.





(sitting on the snow couch with covers)

These were just some tips from what I observed worked at the party we attended, I’m sure there are many more ways.

What do you think about snow parties? Do you have any more tips on how to throw a great snow party?

Four Months Mark Dinner

As I promised, I will write a little bit about our dinner yesterday. We dined at Holiday Inn, and there is quite a story behind it!! We have been trying to have dinner there since December!

The dinner was a wedding gift from Derek’s kind colleagues. But our two months mark happened to be a midst the festive December, which we did not take into account when we dressed up and drove to the hotel, only to find out that it was all reserved…  In January we had bad luck again. We wanted to go on the weekend, because we couldn’t go on the exact date, but the restaurant doesn’t work on Sundays or Mondays! No need to say I was very disappointed… But after a month I was looking forward to it again, and was not let down!

The restaurant called is positioned so that it is overlooking the river and the old town. The food was delicious and the service excellent. We also had some nice wine with our food-I had white Moskatello as an appetizer and Sauvignon Blanc with grilled calamari. First dish was pumpkin soup and dessert lemon sorbet for me-Derek couldn’t resist chocolate cake with raspberries 😉 We had a wonderful night, and here is a little peak into it 😉


Wonderful night to everyone!