Sometimes, Fido has to go do his thing at most inconvenient times. Like when you just got dressed for that super important party and are already stepping out of the door. Or you come home during lunch break to take your furry buddy out, and he can’t wait a second for you to change your shoes. More likely, you simply want to look fashionable on your daily outings and take some pictures along the way.

But dog walking in high heels could quickly turn into a disaster if you don’t do it right. On the other hand, you could make it your personal, unique fashion statement. Which option do you prefer? Thought so. This is why I prepared my very professional, extremely useful guide »Dog walking in high heels: A guide to walking your dog fashionably.«

how to walk a dog on high heels

  1. Your dog should be perfectly leashed trained. I mean no pulling, running ahead, jumping into people you meet on the street, etc. This is why it’s not a good idea to walk your puppy in high heels. Do obedience training before you attempt to walk Tiffany in high heels, or you could twist your ankle. And wearing a plaster was not in fashion last time I checked.
  2. All the fashionistas, IG girls & bloggers &co., ATTENTION! Since you’re trying to make a fashion statement here, you want to catch everything on camera. You will need to bring along a friend to play a photographer. I used my brother. He was thrilled.
  3. You will need nice weather. Puddles and dirt plus a muddy dog trying to dry himself against you means death for your stilettos. You will need to make a deal with the heavens for no rain. If it’s raining, you’re on your own. My advice ends here.
  4. Ideally, your dog will not poop while you’re out on your fashionable walk. Dog poop bags and high heels do not look good together. AT ALL.
  5. If she does poop, you just pretend you didn’t notice it and continue walking can ask your friend (see point 3) to pick up the poop and carry it to the nearest garbage can. Hint #1: use one of those perfumed poop bags. Hint #2: If your friend doesn’t want to do it, threaten bribe him (she). Offer whatever he wants just so you don’t need to do it yourself. Hint #3: Time the moment your dog poops so that there is a garbage can nearby.
  6. Keep your dog by your side all the time. This is when »heeling« really comes into play (see point 1). Walk on the pavement while your dog walks on the grass. Stepping on the grass could dirty your shoes.
  7. Have a treat at hand and reward your dog every once in a while to keep him from going away from you (and pulling you with him).
  8. Keep on the watch. When you see somebody walking their dog on the radar, immediately walk the other way. Now it’s no time for socializing. You stand zero chance at keeping your balance if your dog gets into play mode.
  9. Make it short. The longer you walk, bigger the chances you meet another dog, your furry buddy gets bored and starts pulling you, your photographer gets bored, or you get bored and the pictures look blah. You get my point. A 5 minute walk should be enough.
  10. When you get home and have a minute, upload your »dog walking in high heels« pics on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, your blog, and whatever else your are using. Tag pics with #dogwalkinginhighheels and #oodw (outfit of dog walking, of course! And yes I just made it up) After all, what’s the point in making the effort to walk your dog fashionably if nobody sees it?

how to walk your dog in high heels

giving dog a treat

dog walking in high heels

how to walk your dog in high heels

(In case you were wondering, I was wearing these Asos high heels)

This step-by-step useful guide is based on my own dog walking experience. The cute little fella on the pics is my almost 5-months old whippet. So yeah, he is still a puppy, but I consider myself to be quite an expert 😉

I hope you girls (and guys) enjoyed my guide! Do you sometimes walk your dog in high heels? Did I miss any tips? Share in the comments bellow! I would also love to see you walking your dog in high heels! Please tag me or link to this post if you do so. Thanks and happy dog walking!

Xoxo, Nina


Fashionable fit for NLY Sport

Fashionable fit has been one of my favorite blogs ever since I discovered it. The girl behind it is Hannah Andersson, Swedish fitness trainer. On her blog, you can find workouts, healthy recipes, pieces of her everyday life, and tons of inspiration. The best thing: she writes each post in English too!!

Hannah is having her moment now-yesterday was the launch day of her collection for NLY Sport! ( Unsurprisingly, the sport garments she designed look AMAZING and some of them have already sold out! Bellow are my favorite pieces, modelled by Hannah herself. I’m loving those workout pants….among others… And they ship worldwide too!! (hint-hint!) What a motivation it is to wear nice garments when you work out. Makes you wanna go in the first place!

And how do you like them?



Fashionable fit je eden mojih najljubših blogov že vse odkar sem ga odkrila. Punca, ki stoji za njim, je Hannah Andersson, švedska fitnes trenerka. Na njenem blogu lahko najdete treninge, zdrave recepte, delčke njenega vsakdanjega življenja, in obilo inspiracije. Najboljša stvar: vsako objavo napiše tudi v angleščini!!

Hannah je trenutno v momentu. Včeraj je bila lansirana njena kolekcija športnih oblačil za NLY Sport ( Sploh me ne preseneča, da oblačila izgledajo naravnost FANTASTIČNO in nekateri kosi so že razprodani! Spodaj je nekaj mojih naj kosov, v katerih pozira sama Hannah. Zaljubljena sem v te workout hlače…med ostalim… In dostavljajo po celem svetu!! (namig!) Kakšna motivacija je, da nosiš lepa oblačila, ko vadiš! Dajo ti željo, da se sploh spraviš!

Kako pa so vam všeč?


Fashionable fit workout pants

Fashionable fit workout pants

Fashionable fit running top

Fashionable fit running top

Fashionable fit Push-up bra

Fashionable fit Push-up bra


Fashioanble fit Singlet

Fashioanble fit Singlet

How men think Louis Vuitton is really just a name

The un-glamorous life of our Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch

The thing is, we have a Louis Vuitton cosmetic bag in our house (or should I say, he has), which is not really serving its purpose. At all. Let me tell you how that is so.

I still remember when me & Derek were not dating yet and I came to his place with friends for the first time. It didn’t take me long to notice the LV pouch sitting on his couch. It was a weird sight. Derek with a LV bag? He didn’t seem like the guy who would care about such a thing as brand names. As I found out later, he really didn’t and still doesn’t.

But the cosmetic pouch was original, not fake, as I confirmed by carefully inspecting its label. But the best (or the worst) part came when I opened the bag. Here is what I found inside:

LV markers

Markers?! Seriously?!

And his shameless (or shameful, as you take it) explanation: “Yes, this is my pencil case. I use it for studying.”

“Do you have any idea how much this thing costs?! It’s Louis Vuitton!”

“Louis what?”

And this reminds me of the scene from “Leap year” film, when Matthew Goode laughs at Amy Adams because she named her suitcase “Louis Vuitton” and he found it ridiculous that she was so concerned about its safety.  They ended up getting married. Well, now I’m married to a guy who puts markers in his 280€ toiletry pouch. 😀

It turns out that he didn’t actually buy the “pencil case” himself, he thinks he got it from an auntie, although he is not sure.

Since the big discovery, I tried to change LV’s un-glamorous fate twice: once I used it according to its purpose, as a toiletry pouch, and the second time I tried it out as my nail polishes pouch. It didn’t work out. I missed seeing Louis Vuitton on our couch, it makes for such a nice accessory. And, of course, where else would we put our markers? 

Louis Vuitton pouch sitting on our couch


Celebrating half year of married life with an awesome present!

Yesterday may have been the best monthaversary so far (don’t know what a monthaversary is? I wrote about it here). Although it didn’t look like it at first.

My fever hadn’t gone down yet, it’d been at that annoying just a little elevated level, when you’re not really sick but also not really healthy either. So I spent my day in the pajamas and accepted the fact that we are going to celebrate at home with Chinese food delivered to our door. And so we did and it was very cozy 🙂 but what happened next exceeded all my expectations.

Derek gave me a surprise present (blush) I already melted at the sight of the wrapped box with the card attached to it, then I melted more reading it, but when I unwrapped it, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! Remember my post “Cheap – Cheaper”, where I gushed about Asos pumps, but then decided to go for cheaper ones from Deichmann? Well, I didn’t tell you the aftermath of my “successful” purchase -after I had bought them and came home, I went to Asos website just out of curiosity, and there were my beloved shoes, now reduced to 35€!! I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me. I was now bitter and disappointed, and decided to be happy with my purchase.

But the shoes kept haunting me (thanks to cookies) on every other site I opened and I complained about it oftentimes to Derek. And guess what?! By the time I made my unfortunate purchase at Deichmann, he had already ordered the Asos shoes for me and decided to give them to me as a present for our half year of marriage! I could not have been more surprised! Now I understand why he wasn’t to happy with my cheap shoes, I couldn’t get it then, I was like, “You should be happy I’m saving money!” 😀

I wonder at how he managed to keep them away from my sight. Especially since it was me who took over the Asos package when it came, can you believe that?! And I didn’t notice “ASOS” being written all over it?? 😀 I must have automatically thought it was just one package more for Derek, since he often orders stuff from internet for his hobby.

Ahhhhh, and here they are, beauties:


But it was not really about the shoes  it was the thought that warmed up my heart. That he paid attention to what I was saying, remembered it, and decided to surprise me in such a way…He even got the number right! I’m really grateful to have such a loving husband ❤ ❤ ❤

Wish you all a lovely Sunday!



Woman Day by Woman Mag

Tomorrow is a very important day for all women in Austria -it’s a Woman day! No, not the holiday one in honor of all women. A shopping type 😉 It’s organized every year by Austrian Woman magazine. In fact, this year it’s the 1oth year since it started!

On this special day, women get to shop cheaper at selected stores. There are discount vouchers available at, together with the list of all the participating stores!

I made my own personal shopping (wish) list (which means I’m not actually buy all that, sigh) from some of my favorite stores. I’m still thinking which item to go for, but I will see tomorrow when I’m there and I can try it on 🙂

Blazers (from Vero Moda), Pants (from Vero Moda and Only), Boots (Gamloong and Funky Shoes at Humanic).

As you can see, many pastels and flower patterns! Spring is here, yoohoo 😀  Any suggestions from you guys? xxx