First Sight – Our wedding location

Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something you connected with from the very first second.

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Derek and I had a short engagement -he proposed middle of July and we were married on October 12 2013. Therefore we had to make decisions fast. It wouldn’t work out well if we hadn’t known exactly what we wanted. But we did. One of the first things we needed to arrange was the location of the ceremony + party. I quickly started searching around for nice spots in my home country.

I discovered an old mansion, that belongs to a wine company Dveri Pax. I never even heard about that place before, let alone visited it. After seeing the pictures of the mansion’s surroundings and their wine cellar, where they also hold dinner parties, I sensed I was onto something good.

The next day, I drove there with two of my friends in the late summer afternoon. The sun was low on the horizon and was the land was bathing in the warm light. We were driving on curvy countryside roads when a beautiful sight opened bellow us: Dveri Pax surrounded by trees, ponds, and fields of grass. I was charmed there and then, and seeing the property close-up only reassured me of its beauty. A kind worker took us on a tour of the surroundings. I already saw myself taking wedding pictures there. We were also taken inside the mansion, into a big, wine-cellar-like hall, entirely made of stone. This is where we would have our celebration. And we did. SONY DSC

first sight-location of wedding

Next weekend when Derek came to visit me, I took him there to have a look himself, and we were unanimous that this was what we wanted. We knew it from the first second.  pond at wedding location




Today we have been married for 4 months! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I can’t believe our wedding happened already four months ago… It seems like yesterday, and yet at the same time I feel like we have been married forever. Four months full of love, excitement, and discovery. I know it’s just a start, but Derek & me feel so happy with each passing month that we celebrate it, and we call the celebration a “monthaversary” 🙂 Can’t imagine how happy one year anniversary will feel!



Actually we just got back from our 4-month mark dinner, and I will tell you more about it tomorrow.

Good night everyone!


Our Cool Honeymoon, Part 3

After a very exciting week in Bahia Feliz, we headed north. We took a very comfortable and fast bus to the center of Las Palmas, and from there took a short walk to our next hotel. For the last week we chose Hotel Reina Isabel, a beautiful and comfortable hotel on the beachfront. Reina Isabel is proud of its 9th floor spa which offers magnificent views of the sea and the bay. The best thing-it is included in the price! Another awesome feature is the outdoor pool on the 8th floor-again, fab! 


We were very pleased with the hotel and its service. Upon arrival, we were upgraded to junior suite because the room we booked was taken! We really enjoyed that extra space 🙂 When the air temperatures started dropping outside, we moved from the beach to the spa and the gym for some exercise.

Museo Elder

Las Palmas has a lot to offer, but we limited ourselves to walking distances. We were thrilled to discover Museo Elder, the Science Museum, just 10 minutes away. Actually, Derek was thrilled more than me at first but then I read in the brochure in our hotel room that this is an interactive museum, which made me excited to go. The museum was really interactive-from sitting in an old fighter plane and being able to operate some commands to testing the speed of sound and visiting a space station, they had it all covered. We spent a whole day there.


Oh, forgot this one-“us in the desert”, the film studio in the museum 🙂 Don’t we look good on big screen? 😛


And, of course, more dinners-I just had to put these two in because you can see the wine bottle on both, our favorite from the trip, the wine of our honeymoon 🙂 It’s of Spanish origin, San Valentin from Torres. We brought a few bottles in our suitcases back to Austria 😉

I think all honeymoons are beautiful and cool, simply because they are honeymoons. That’s what makes them so special and unique. Do you agree?

Hope you enjoyed this report!


Our Cool Honeymoon: Part 2

Here is the second part of our honeymoon in Gran Canaria. After 5 days of soaking up the beauty of nature in Rocca Negra, we packed our bags and traveled to southeast. Our destination: Hotel Monte Feliz in Bahia feliz. Now that we were rested and fresh, we were ready for some action 🙂 And Bahia Feliz had a lot to offer! During our one week stay there, we windsurfed almost every day, went for a quad tour in the dessert, and for a jet ski safari.


We chose this hotel because it was convenient -a 5 min walk from the beach, neat, and good price – which was our priority this time because we were intending to splurge on different activities 😉

surfingtextThis was the first time for me to try windsurfing. I took lessons at Club Mistral. Bahia Feliz is one of the top windsurfing destinations in the world and I was a little bit afraid that it would be too challenging for a beginner like me. I was lucky-the conditions were perfect for learning! But I also need to give big credit to the amazing instructors at Mistral, they are doing such a great job. I was able to go already after the first lesson, somewhat awkwardly, but I went 🙂 On the pictures above, you can see me and my instructor Michael, always giving instructions 🙂 Derek was so happy that I liked it, he has been surfing for years. And now we can do it together 🙂 Well I didn’t just like it, I loved it! I highly recommend Club Mistral!

grancanyonofThis is us on the quad tour. Another first-timer for me! So Derek allowed me to drive for as long as I wanted to, and I did drive for more than an hour (the trip lasted 2 hours in total) until my thumb started hurting like crazy and I couldn’t speed anymore! So we had to swop 🙂 The tour lead us through the rocky dessert and many times we had to drive over big stones, uphill, through the valleys, and make tight turns-so cool! Once we stopped at the biggest canyon of Gran Canaria.

jetskiJet ski safari: during and after 😉 We went a little crazy due to all the speed! Haha. This was the first time for Derek, I already did it two times. I can tell you, I DID NOT enjoy being the passenger. AT ALL. I really don’t like not having control. But when I was driving, yeah, then it’s a different story 😉 Amazing!


And, as on a proper honeymoon, we also had romantic dinners 🙂 My favorite one was the one above, which I call “dinner in white” 🙂

This is all for this time, hope you enjoyed it! Next time I will show you the 3rd part.


Our cool honeymoon: Part 1

Our cool honeymoon: Part 1

I decided to write a post about our amazing honeymoon and all the beautiful places we visited. It is especially cozy to think about it now that it’s full of snow outside 🙂 Departure date was October 14 2014, 2 days after our wedding. We honeymooned in the Cannary Islands, on the main island Gran Cannaria. During our almost 3-week vacation, we stayed at 3 different hotels in different parts of the island. The first one was Hotel & Spa Rocca Negra in northwest of Gran Cannaria.

It was absolutely beautiful, the most breath-taking views a hotel can have. There is not much going on so it was a perfect location for our first week. We needed rest, peace, and privacy. We took advantage of the unspoiled nature around us and went for long hikes to the cliffs. We also enjoyed their relaxing spa, delicious food at the hotel restaurant, and cocktails at the pool bar. Perfect start of the honeymoon!


rocca negra mix

But the coolest part of this hotel are undoubtedly the natural pools found at the bottom of the fill on which Rocca Negra hotel lays. We had the chance to experience them calm and peaceful on some days and wild and wavy, like the ocean, on others. But we didn’t let that stop us: we just hopped into our wetsuits hehe 🙂 We loved it!!

natural pools

If anyone wants to know more, here is their official website: They have great offers all year round.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!