Fashionable fit for NLY Sport

Fashionable fit has been one of my favorite blogs ever since I discovered it. The girl behind it is Hannah Andersson, Swedish fitness trainer. On her blog, you can find workouts, healthy recipes, pieces of her everyday life, and tons of inspiration. The best thing: she writes each post in English too!!

Hannah is having her moment now-yesterday was the launch day of her collection for NLY Sport! ( Unsurprisingly, the sport garments she designed look AMAZING and some of them have already sold out! Bellow are my favorite pieces, modelled by Hannah herself. I’m loving those workout pants….among others… And they ship worldwide too!! (hint-hint!) What a motivation it is to wear nice garments when you work out. Makes you wanna go in the first place!

And how do you like them?



Fashionable fit je eden mojih najljubših blogov že vse odkar sem ga odkrila. Punca, ki stoji za njim, je Hannah Andersson, švedska fitnes trenerka. Na njenem blogu lahko najdete treninge, zdrave recepte, delčke njenega vsakdanjega življenja, in obilo inspiracije. Najboljša stvar: vsako objavo napiše tudi v angleščini!!

Hannah je trenutno v momentu. Včeraj je bila lansirana njena kolekcija športnih oblačil za NLY Sport ( Sploh me ne preseneča, da oblačila izgledajo naravnost FANTASTIČNO in nekateri kosi so že razprodani! Spodaj je nekaj mojih naj kosov, v katerih pozira sama Hannah. Zaljubljena sem v te workout hlače…med ostalim… In dostavljajo po celem svetu!! (namig!) Kakšna motivacija je, da nosiš lepa oblačila, ko vadiš! Dajo ti željo, da se sploh spraviš!

Kako pa so vam všeč?


Fashionable fit workout pants

Fashionable fit workout pants

Fashionable fit running top

Fashionable fit running top

Fashionable fit Push-up bra

Fashionable fit Push-up bra


Fashioanble fit Singlet

Fashioanble fit Singlet


Soccer gossip

It’s unbelievable -I spent every free minute yesterday checking the news updates regarding Luis Suarez attack on Chiellini, and there was no news. And then my beloved husband comes home from work and the first things he says is “Did you hear Suarez got a 4 month ban?” I was like, what?! And I go check the news right away, and there it is, all over! Unbelievable 🙂

So yeah, he got what he deserved, and I’m happy he did. Perhaps they could have given him even more, but seeing this is the biggest ban in World Cup history, I guess that’s maximum. I mean, helloooo, you don’t go play in the World Cup with millions of people watching you from all over the globe, and you receiving millions in your pocket, and you bite your opponents. BITE! You don’t do that anywhere, not at all. Come on, this is kindergarten stuff. Kids as young as 1 year old learn that biting is wrong. Well, this will be the end of the World Cup for him, but sadly, it is also the end of world cup for Italy (remember, Uruguay scored just minutes after the incident happened, and the Mexican referee failed to give him a red card -I’m sure if he had done so, Uruguay wouldn’t have won the match, because without Suarez they are lost).

Enough of Suarez, I found some pics of me from two years ago when we met up with some friends to play soccer in a park. Me and another girl had the privilege to be “captains” and select our team mates 😉 It was so much fun!

soccer gossip

playing soccer soccer gossip soccer fan

Things that make a marriage cool: Doing sports together

Spending quality time with your partners brings you closer together, but if that quality time includes doing sports, you kill two birds with one stone! How so? Well, doing sports together has many other cool benefits.

  • Improves your looks. Do you want to look your best and stay attractive to your partner? Exercise is the answer! Don’t take your partner’s admiration for granted. Of course, a marriage should be based on deeper qualities than physical appearance. Still, looking after your body will make you look your best, increase your confidence, all of which will make you very attractive to your partner.
  • Has health benefits. It is known that doing sports lowers the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoporosis. Not only physical health, mental health benefits greatly from doing exercise. It relieves us of stress, is relaxing, and boosts happy feelings. It can also positively affect self-esteem.

There are so many sports you can do with your partner, some are even more fun if you do them together!

My suggestions:

winter and summer sports

Our personal favorites are skiing & snowboarding, jogging, beach volleyball, and windsurfing. These are the sports we do together most often and are most passionate about. Of course, some people are disabled or suffer from chronic diseases or advancing age that prevent them from engaging in vigorous exercise. However, even such couples can benefit from doing light exercise. That can mean just going for a walk in the neighborhood. It’s better than sitting at home in front of the screens all day!

enjoying summer sports together

doing winter sports together

Do you do sports together with your partner? Which are your favorites?

Getaway in Italy

Finally we managed to get away for the weekend, and we drove to our (becoming traditional) “nest” in Grado, Italy. We so needed to unwind and chillax 🙂 In addition to laying on the beach (if it’s warm enough), we were hoping to do some windsurfing (if it’s windy enough). And we were lucky with both! Such a great little vacation!

On Sunday there was crazy wind, and our beach became was crowded to the last spot with kite surfers and windsurfers. I only went in the water in the morning, because the wind was too strong to be out there without a harness (which I still don’t have). But Derek stood out there pretty much the whole day, and right at the end he busted my sail -yes, he was surfing with mine, because the wind was too strong for his huge 7 meters. I was very disappointed because I was really looking forward to going again the next day when the wind calms down. So we decided to fix it ourselves with tape and a sturdy shopping bag! 😀 I tested it the same morning and it held perfectly well! Good thing I’m not ashamed of going out with a piece of shopping bag on my sail 😉 I really don’t care, as long as it goes.

Here is me fixing the sail on our balcony. fixing the sail during Grado getaway

And here is me going with the sail, proof that it works 😉 me surfing in Grado during Grado getaway

We celebrated our 7 months with a nice dinner in the old town. It was also our 2 years of being together! We got married on the 12th of October 2013 and we started dating 12th of May 2012 🙂 ❤ ❤

aniversay dinner in Grado  celebrating 2 years during Grado getaway

New shoes and a delicious salad dressing

Hello guys! Today I went to the store to try on my three running shoes picks, of which I wrote about in my last post. Right away, Adidas Supernova Glide felt extremely soft and comfortable. Nike’s were comfy too, but felt a little hard when I tried walking & running –

yes, running in the store! Giga Sport stores have a running band where you can give your shoes a spin before you make your decision, and this is exactly what I did 🙂 there is even a camera in the back of the band making transmitting a picture of you as you run real-time on a screen in front of you. I never saw myself running from the back before, it was kind of funny 🙂

Anyways, when I ran, I felt a big difference between Nike Lunar and Adidas Supernova Glide, Nikes were just not that comfortable or bouncy. I also tried Asics Gel Kayano, but the size somehow didn’t fit my foot! I was happy about that because I wouldn’t buy them anyway because of the price 😉 Image

I just made dinner and tried a new salad dressing, namely soy sauce & lemon & tahini. You need:

2 table spoons say sauce (I use reduced salt one)

1 tea spoon tahini

Some drizzles of lemon juice

It is absolutely delicious!!! I love, love, love it! You have to try it!

Gotta go now eat it up 😉