Glamping places in Slovenia – Full list

The last time I wrote a post on glamping, you guys gave me great feedback. In the post I mentioned some glamping places around here in Europe, among them two in Slovenia. But now I decided to dedicate a whole post to glamping places in Slovenia only! This small country, which happens to be my home land, has a lot to offer!

So here it is, glamping in Slovenia: from good to extravagant, cozy to unexpected, from wooden huts to wine barrels!

Full list:

1. Garden Village Bled.

Mentioned in my previous post on the topic, Garden Village Bled undoubtedly is the most “glam” out of all glamping accomodations in Slovenia. Open since June 2014, it offers guests a choice between tree houses, pier tents, glamping tents, and apartments with jacuzzi. Also the most expensive of all options, it will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

glamping Bled pool tents tree houses

glamping tent

Official website:

2.  Alpine Glamping at Kamp Alpe

In contrast to the previous accommodation, Alpine glamping features very simple wooden huts. They are situated in the middle of the forest to give guests maximum contact with the nature. Like their motto goes, glamorous + camping + Alps = Alpine glamping!

Alpine glamping

Official website:

3. Park Idila

As the name reveals, Park Idila is located at an idyllic lake Blosko. Wooden huts/tents are simple yet elegant, and the camp features a restaurant and offers sport activities.

wooden huts at glamping Blosko lake jezero

Official website:

4. Natura Eco Camping Kranjska Gora

This eco camping spot has in its offer glamping tents and hanging tents -first of its kind in Slovenia. These tents are hanging from a tree. Because they are not touching the ground, it is less humid inside them. One such tent can accommodate two adults and two children.

viseci sotori hanging tents glamping

5. Gozdne vile glamping

Something less glamorous and less expensive than Garden Village Bled, but still sophisticated- Gozdne Vile (Forest Villas) are located in Bled and offer everything a glamper wants: comfortable lodging, unspoiled nature, and additional perks like hot tubs (made of wood, of course). Guests can choose their preferred villa and some are situated on the river.

glamping in wooden tents gozdne vile

Official website:

6. Wine barrel village

I saved the most interesting for the end! At Terme Ptuj you can spend the night inside a huge wine barrel! Wine barrels are big enough to accommodate two people and offer the most unique experience. Surrounded by vineyards, you really cannot get closer to feeling the centuries old tradition of wine making.

wine barrel village

Official website:

If you would like to know where these places are and how much they cost, just click on the links above. Do you like the list? Do you know about any other glamping places in Slovenia that I missed?




Travel idea: Glamping

I know this is already an old trend, but in my opinion it’s still hot! I’ve never been glamping but I would like to try once. Glamping doesn’t have much to do with camping because it’s too comfortable, except that the accommodation is placed directly in the nature.

I gathered some ideas on where to go glamping in Europe. Actually two locations I found are in Bled, Slovenia, and the other one is in Provence, France.

For your information: Glamping Bled is the cheapest option, the prices start at 51€ for two people per night. Prices at Garden Village Bled start with 80€ in pier tents in low season, and 160€ for tree houses and glamping tents (in low season as well). Bubble hotel in Provence starts with 108€ per night. Let yourself be inspired! 😉

glamping in wooden tents

Glamping Bled: Wooden Tent

glamping in France

Bubble Hotel in Provence

glamping tent

Garden Village Bled: Glamping Tent

glamping in Slovenia

Garden Village Bled: Pier Tent