Getaway in Italy

Finally we managed to get away for the weekend, and we drove to our (becoming traditional) “nest” in Grado, Italy. We so needed to unwind and chillax 🙂 In addition to laying on the beach (if it’s warm enough), we were hoping to do some windsurfing (if it’s windy enough). And we were lucky with both! Such a great little vacation!

On Sunday there was crazy wind, and our beach became was crowded to the last spot with kite surfers and windsurfers. I only went in the water in the morning, because the wind was too strong to be out there without a harness (which I still don’t have). But Derek stood out there pretty much the whole day, and right at the end he busted my sail -yes, he was surfing with mine, because the wind was too strong for his huge 7 meters. I was very disappointed because I was really looking forward to going again the next day when the wind calms down. So we decided to fix it ourselves with tape and a sturdy shopping bag! 😀 I tested it the same morning and it held perfectly well! Good thing I’m not ashamed of going out with a piece of shopping bag on my sail 😉 I really don’t care, as long as it goes.

Here is me fixing the sail on our balcony. fixing the sail during Grado getaway

And here is me going with the sail, proof that it works 😉 me surfing in Grado during Grado getaway

We celebrated our 7 months with a nice dinner in the old town. It was also our 2 years of being together! We got married on the 12th of October 2013 and we started dating 12th of May 2012 🙂 ❤ ❤

aniversay dinner in Grado  celebrating 2 years during Grado getaway