1st Wedding Anniversary: 7 Gift Ideas

This Sunday, Derek and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary! It feels strange to say that. I honestly find it hard to believe we have been married for a whole year!! Time just flies by. If you’re not married yet, you will see. Especially the first year is like that -full of change and excitement, adaptation and discoveries.

I have already received a gift from Derek, a dog ūüôā It came early,¬†but a puppy couldn’t wait until¬†October 12 ūüôā And I couldn’t be happier with Rooney. Otherwise,¬†The first anniversary traditionally suggests a paper gift. As inspiration, I’m posting some paper gift ideas bellow.

1. A card. If it comes with a gift or is a gift in itself (nothing is sweeter than a romantic note), a card goes well with any anniversary celebration.

paper anniversary gift card


2. A (framed) photograph, a huge wall decoration photograph, or even a photo book! If you still don’t have enough wedding pictures around your house, now is the time to change¬†it! If you live in Austria,¬†ifolor. (www.ifolor.at) has a promotion for photo books and other photo products with the code BONUSCARD6. You receive 30% off. It’s valid until 1st of March 2015.

photobook paper anniversary idea

3. A pretty print. If your partner likes art, they will love a print of their favorite artist’s work. I myself love Catherine Campbell’s. She is Australian and makes amazingly beautiful designs. Or if¬†your better half possesses artistic skills, you could frame¬†their artwork and hang it in the hall¬†-imagine the look on their face when they see it!

artwork print first anniversary gift

(Catherine Campbell)

4. A book. You can’t miss with a good book if your love is a bookworm. Make sure it’s one they haven’t read yet to make it a great surprise. Another idea is to offer a special edition of a book from their favorite author. Even if they have read the book three times already, they will be happy to add this special edition to their bookcase.

book as a first anniversary gift

5. A journal or a planner. Still a book, but an empty one -to fill it all out with married life’s adventures! Since it’s gift, a journal should be very pretty and a planner good quality. For her: a romantic, embellished, and full of details Daphne’s diary, available at bookstores and online at http://www.daphnesdiary.com. For him: Filofax Pocket Gray Malden. If gray is not his color, they come in browns and blacks too (and many other color for that matter).

agenda planer diary first anniversary gift filofax planner for men

6. Magazine subscription. Is he into surfing, motorcycles, computers, or music? Is she a fashionista, is interested in sports, animals, or in beauty? (I know, talking clichés here, but you get my point) A monthly magazine in the mailbox will remind him or her of your thoughtful anniversary gift for a whole year to come.

magazine subscription first wedding anniversary

7. A ticket. What kind of ticket? You decide! It could be a concert of popular or classic music, a ballet show, or even an airplane ticket to somewhere nice and romantic (or cool and adventurous). If you’re on a budget, a train ride can be very old-school romantic. End the ride with a picnic on the countryside or a winetasting. Guaranteed that ticket will not be easily forgotten!

Here were only some of the ideas. And if you like this tradition and find it cool, go for it. It can certainly be fun. I hope these tips help you choose your next gift. Do you have any ideas for the first wedding anniversary?