Weekend with family

I can’t say how happy it makes me when my family comes for a visit and stays the entire weekend! Since I live in Austria and they in Slovenia, we can’t see each other every day. But we try to make it as often as possible, at least once a month.

Sometimes, distance makes you appreciate moments together even more.

We had such a wonderful, sunny weekend. My mom and me arranged our little balcony garden (it was a lot of work though for that little piece of ground!!!), we took walks in the city, went for coffee and pizza, and mainly just enjoyed being together.

cherish family time together

family weekend 2

Can’t wait ’til we see each other again, in the mean time these pictures will have to do 🙂

Have a nice day everyone! xoxo





Motorbike for weekends

I guess not many of you know that Derek and me own a motorcycle. When I posted a picture on IG yesterday with a yellow Yamaha, some of you were wondering who it belonged to 🙂

We decided to keep it when we got married because we like making short rides to the lakes or around in the countryside. I know many who sold their motorbikes after marriage, but I think it’s fun to keep it as long as you take precautions. I don’t like dangerous fast riding and tight curves and neither does Derek. It’s cool to have a ride and there is another advantage: motorbikes are not charged parking fees at public lakes 😉

This picture nearly cost me a burn on my leg because I forgot the muffler was still hot… luckily nothing happened…


Weekend update: Archery in the mountains

This weekend we went to visit my husband’s parents who live up in the mountains. It was raining cats and dogs the whole three days. Storm woke me up a couple of times on Saturday night. It was nice to cuddle up under the blankets! During those few moments without rain we managed to test our new slingshot and Derek also played with his bow. He started off from 20 m as seen on the picture, and then increased to 30 m distance. Checked by me with the laser meter 😉








Sorry, no pictures of me this time! Derek was too busy doing archery 😉

Other than that, we went for a coffee in my favorite cafe, ate good food and slept a lot!