Weekend with family

I can’t say how happy it makes me when my family comes for a visit and stays the entire weekend! Since I live in Austria and they in Slovenia, we can’t see each other every day. But we try to make it as often as possible, at least once a month.

Sometimes, distance makes you appreciate moments together even more.

We had such a wonderful, sunny weekend. My mom and me arranged our little balcony garden (it was a lot of work though for that little piece of ground!!!), we took walks in the city, went for coffee and pizza, and mainly just enjoyed being together.

cherish family time together

family weekend 2

Can’t wait ’til we see each other again, in the mean time these pictures will have to do 🙂

Have a nice day everyone! xoxo





2 thoughts on “Weekend with family

  1. Nina, bilo je čudovito in to za vse, celo za Rooneya. Juretu je zelo pasala tvoja družba in lepo, da sta se tudi vidva malo družila kot brat in sestra. Derek je krasen, lepo skrbi zate in vidi se, kako te ima rad. Res, družina ti da veliko dobre energije in spodbude za naprej. Se že veselim, ko se bomo spet videli

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